Hello! My name is Yuna, which means a snow girl in Korean. A very pretty name, isn't it? I was born in January. My Mommy and Daddy named me Yuna, after so much thoughts, discussions and oh a tiny bit of arguments, to celebrate my birth in a snowy season. It is funny though because I was born in Texas, USA, where you rarely see snow all year around. But the year when I was born, it actually snowed in our town in Texas!! What a welcome sign for me to this wonderland!

I was born two weeks ahead of schedule, bringing so much surprise and joy to my Mommy and Daddy. The doctor told that I was a healthy baby and ordered us to go home and enjoy!

Soon after coming home, I developed jaundice and had to go back to the clinic a few times, but it was not too unusual for the baby to get jaundice. What worried my Mom more was that I was not gaining as much weight as expected. Making her even more worrisome, I did not stop crying. I, a new born baby at the time, I cried all day long, then all night long. My Daddy tried so hard to console me, putting me on his tummy and playing with me with all kinds of fun baby toys. When it struck 1 AM in the morning, my grandparents took turns to spend time with the crying baby, me. My grandma and I used to look out a window together into the dark night, just to find a loney street lamp shining the empty street. Grandma told me old Korean stories, preserved for hundreds of years through mouth to mouth. I don't know why, but I just could not stop crying.......

One day, maybe when I was a couple of months ago, my Dad told Mom that

What I like: being called "princess", stealing an iPad from my little brother, steamed rice, soy milk

What I dislike: stuffed nose, most of medicine that I need to take everyday