Soo Lee's lab

Soo Lee is a well-established scientist in the area of neurodevelopment.  Her studies have been centered around how our motor neurons develop.  When Yuna arrived and Soo realized eventually that Yuna has a mutation in FOXG1 gene, Soo was not only devastated but also had a strong feeling for an unexpected fate waiting for her.  First, Soo used to mention about a mutant mouse model in which the mouse Foxg1 gene was removed with a severe consequence of no forebrain at all and told Jae that it would be an interesting gene to study as a neurodevelopmental biologist.  Second, two genes Soo and Jae have been studied together for the last two decades turned out to cause a related disorder named Kabuki syndrome (KS).  These, coupled with her strong urge to fight off this disorder FS for Yuna, led Soo to begin studying FOXG1 gene using various mouse models.  Soo is about to publish her first major finding about FOXG1, which describes the molecular basis by which FOXG1 manages to establish the communication between two hemispheres.  With multi-faceted approaches, Soo's lab is rapidly making progresses in several key areas of research for FS and KS.